If I win any prizes, may I directly donate some of my winnings to Avazoo?

Any prize winners will need to claim their full prize winnings and once the winners receive their winnings it is at their sole discretion at that point to make any donations to charities or organizations of their choosing. It is the sole responsibility of each person to determine if there are any tax advantages they can use in their favor when claiming any of the donations in the jurisdiction where their home residence is located.

If I’m part of a Syndicate or Corporate ticket and we win the Grand Prize, do we all have to attend the required winners seminar event?

Only the original person listed as the official ticket purchaser is required to complete all the steps set forth in Avazoo’s Terms & Conditions in reference to winning the Grand Prize. Any other person listed on the Syndicate or Corporate ticket registration form is welcome and invited to also attend any events set forth by Avazoo but it will be at their own expense.

If I win a monthly bonus prize, do I have to pay taxes on that prize?

Any and all prizes won through Avazoo are the sole responsibility of the winner to report and claim them as a taxable winning prize per the rules and tax liability of each winner’s jurisdiction based on where they live. It is the sole responsibility of each prize winner to follow all laws set forth in the jurisdiction where their home residence is located.

What happens if Avazoo doesn’t sell the anticipated # of tickets in the allotted time? Does the raffle still occur or will it get postponed until all tickets are sold?

Avazoo reserves the right to extend the raffle up to 6 months past the anticipated date of all tickets being sold out should there still be tickets remaining for sale. Avazoo also reserves the right to end raffle ticket sales prior to all of the tickets being sold out and then set payouts on a prorated basis depending on the amount of tickets sold at that time. It is anticipated that all 50 Million raffle tickets allocated for sale will sell out within the time frame that Avazoo sets.

If for some reason Avazoo is unable to contact me about my winnings after the raffle is concluded, will all the winners’ names be posted somewhere to see and verify so that I can come forward myself and collect any winning prize?

During the duration of the raffle as every winning number is drawn, an updated list of all winners will be posted on www.avazoo.com &/or any of Avazoo’s associated web pages. Where the updated list of prize winners can be found will be announced prior to the start of the raffle drawing.

What if I win the Grand Prize and cannot physically travel to the 2 week required winners seminar event?

As long as the Grand Prize winner has submitted all KYC documentation required and the proper vetting is completed, the winner may sign an affidavit allowing legal representation on their behalf to claim the initial first payment. Then, the Grand Prize winner is legally obligated to complete all steps set forth in Avazoo’s Terms & Conditions in order to claim the remainder of their winnings.

I have noticed there are some countries that are restricted and citizens of those countries are not allowed to purchase raffle tickets. Will that change in the future to where all countries will be allowed to purchase tickets?

Currently there is only a small percentage of countries throughout the world that are restricting sales of raffle tickets due to specific laws in their jurisdiction in regards to gambling. Our goal is to lobby in each of those countries after we have successfully completed the first raffle and hopefully have the governments of each rule that we can now be allowed to sell raffle tickets from that point forward. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that will happen, but we are hopeful once governments of restricted countries see the amount of good we can do for people throughout the world, that they will reverse course and allow us the opportunity to sell raffle tickets in their respective countries.

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