Know Your Why!!!

  • Know Your Why!!!

  • Kellie Felgate

    September 3, 2021 at 11:58 am

    The foundation to anything you desire to achieve in life starts with your “WHY”.

    What do you want to achieve and “WHY”.

    Our why, can be motivated by pain or pleasure. But understanding our why allows us a course of direction and a push of motivation and ambition to keep on keeping on until we have achieved. It also attracts us to everything we are trying to achieve.

    Understanding your “WHY” empowers you. If you have ever read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. You will understand that everything starts with THOUGHT. What you THINK!!!

    “What you THINK, you Believe. What you Believe you Conceive” “Napolean Hill”

    Everything starts with a thought.

    I encourage you today to empower you thought with what is your “WHY”

    I also encourage you today to LIVE YOUR LIFE TODAY as if you are already there and have achieved.

    Ask yourself these questions…

    I want to be a Millionaire –

    * How would you today behave like a Millionaire?

    * What would you look like?

    * What would you talk like?

    * What would you be attracted towards.

    * How would you feel?

    You can have all of this today. It all starts with what you think!!!

    A little story of my own life this year. I was unemployed and it was Mothers Day and my Son Izaac wanted to purchase me a gift. As all children love to give gifts. I like jewelry because it makes me feel good, it makes me feel attractive. And yes, the best gifts from my son are the ones he makes by hand.

    But he did not feel this, he wanted to get me something special. So as we were out in town I went past a jewelry store and I said “Son, look in the window. If you could buy me anything what would you get me.” He chooses this beautiful necklace and earring set and my reaction to him was as if he just handed the shopkeeper the money.

    My Son just purchased me the most expensive Dimonad earrings and necklace in the store.

    And I behaved as if he did, because in my mind, in my approach, in my reaction, in my feelings and emotions he just did buy them for me.

    What is your “WHY”.

    I now desire to own my own home in the country. Now mainly to stay safe from the pandemic, but I feel free in the country, I feel alive in the country. I do not have to worry about being homeless because the Landlord wants to sell, or wants to move back, or wants to increase the rent. ETC.

    My why is to now have my “SON SAFE”.

    What is your “WHY”

    Next, I will speak about, how to make your “WHY” become a reality and how with what Avazoo is offering you, you can make “YOUR WHY” a reality.

  • Murengera Elvis

    September 3, 2021 at 12:25 pm

    Thank you for this message.

    I’m very very happy to be here.

    My why is to achieve my dreams and be successful & financially educated

  • Kellie Felgate

    September 3, 2021 at 3:04 pm

    What are your dreams Elvis? Why do you have that dream? Why do you want to be educated?

    Dig Deep Dear Friend…..this is important.

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