Tutorial Video Showing our V.I.P. App Sponsor Section & Earning Multiple Free Entries v1.1

This tutorial video is a follow up to the previous tutorial in which we showed you how to download the Avazoo App and how to navigate all of the features in the app.

It is extremely important to understand how to access the V.I.P. section of the app so you can maximize the number of Free Entries you earn daily. Our Supporters tab is the V.I.P. section where you can view all of our sponsors and visit their websites daily to take advantage of any deals or special savings they are offering that day.

You will be rewarded with Free Entries for every sponsor’s website that you visit each day. You can take advantage of the initial 30 day free trial for the V.I.P. section to see just how many more Free Entries you can earn above and beyond using the standard version of our app.

Understanding this tutorial and our Free Entries Methodology of the Avazoo Worldwide Billion Dollar Raffle is one of the most important aspects you will want to learn so you can vastly increase your probability of winning a large cash prize in the raffle.

We encourage you to visit our Avazoo Communication Resource Center, (CRC), by visiting www.avazoo.com and clicking on the first blue tab entitled “Avazoo CRC, Be in the Know.”

Then, just log in using your Avazoo credentials you created during your registration process. The CRC is Avazoo’s own social environment where members from around the world can connect with each other, post questions, answer other member’s questions, and work together as a community.

In addition, you can find links to our informational training calls and links to our previous webinars for your viewing pleasure. There are too many resources to list them all here so please check it out and become one of our loyal followers.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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