This short version of the Game Changer Video highlights Important Details about Avazoo

This short version of the Game Changer Video highlights all of the important details about Avazoo and its mission to provide Billions of Dollars in much needed funding to charitable organizations and natural disaster victims worldwide. Please watch the full version of the video in our list of videos below if you would like to learn even more about Avazoo and the Billion Dollar Raffle!

Avazoo is excited to announce that it has made the decision to give away 10,000 FREE RAFFLE TICKETS, with ABSOLUTELY NO REQUIREMENTS to win.

Please visit for more details about a chance to earn a FREE raffle ticket into the Billion Dollar Raffle. The promotional programs that will kick off Avazoo’s pre-launch are the Influencer and Ambassador programs. Avazoo also has a FREE Nonprofit program that has been specifically designed to help raise funds for existing Nonprofit organizations worldwide.

To learn more about the FREE Nonprofit program, visit We encourage you to visit our Avazoo Communication Resource Center, (CRC), by visiting and clicking on the first blue tab entitled “Avazoo CRC, Be in the Know.”

Then, just log in using your Avazoo credentials you created during your registration process. The CRC is Avazoo’s own social environment where members from around the world can connect with each other, post questions, answer other member’s questions, and work together as a community.

In addition, you can find links to our informational training calls and links to our previous webinars for your viewing pleasure. There are too many resources to list them all here so please check it out and become one of our loyal followers.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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