Two announcements about today’s March 15, 2022 webinars.

1) Our regularly scheduled 7:00 PM “SPANISH” Avazoo VIP Executive Training with Elias has been moved back an hour to 8:00 PM New York Time (US/EST).

2) Tonight’s 9:00 PM Avazoo VIP Executive Training has been CANCELLED due to Hawk’s illness. HOWEVER, we had such a great response from this afternoon’s 1:00 PM Training with Dave, we are providing the links for everyone to watch the rebroadcast from today’s earlier call at their leisure.

Below are the links to watch the rebroadcast:



We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you all there! Make sure to “LIKE” the videos if you can!

Thank You,
The Avazoo Team

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