July 9, 2021

Great Day! We are happy to share our newest email change for signing up new referrals to Avazoo. Below you will see a copy of the 3rd Email sent to new signups that directs them through the Final Steps of the Registration Process that they must complete in order to get qualified as a Sign Up. This will go live today.

Ambassador Email for “What to do Next”
Goes Out After They Verify Referral Code

Congratulations on registering for the opportunity to receive your free Ticket to Avazoo’s Billion Dollar Raffle through our Worldwide Ambassador Program!

Now that you have started your journey as a Candidate Ambassador with Avazoo, you may be wondering what you need to do next?

The following checklist is what you must accomplish in order to meet the required qualifications for your referrer, as well as yourself, to be promoted to the official title of Avazoo Worldwide Ambassador and receive your own personal Free Ticket.

You have already completed 3 out of the 7 Steps needed to qualify your referrer.

Now please complete the following steps at your earliest convenience:​

  • 4 – Upload a current facial picture to ALL of your profiles.
  • 5 – Download the Free Avazoo Mobile App Sign into the App with the same credentials as your Avazoo Registration.
  • 6 – View the tutorial slides and then share the Welcome Banner to one of your social media accounts. (This Must be Completed First, Before Additional Banners Will Show in the “Social Media” Section Inside the App) In case you do not have any social accounts, you may also “Like” a video on Avazoo’s YouTube channel through the App. After completing the above steps, you will receive your first 3 Free Entries as long as you complete this process within the First 7 Days of your registration.
  • 7 – Sign up immediately into our Free Avazoo CRC which offers a wealth of support from individuals just like yourself, our Community. Go to: https://avazoo.com and click on Avazoo CRC – Be in the Know. This is the first box on the right side of the page below the video at the top of the page.

We also recommend that you do the following:

  • Click on the “Our Supporters” section in the App to learn more about how we support other organizations and earn additional free entries.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for you to count as one of your referrer’s qualified Ambassador Candidates, you must complete each of the steps above within the 40 day time period from when your referrer first registered.

Becoming an Avazoo Worldwide Ambassador

If you would like to receive your free ticket, share your referral link and obtain 20 fully qualified Ambassador Candidates, just like you are doing for your referrer now, within 40 days to earn a free raffle ticket and the official title of Avazoo Worldwide Ambassador.

Please go to YouTube and watch the Avazoo Videos and meet our Global Operations Director, Tisa Christiana Spraul.

Thank you!
The Team at Avazoo

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