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We are looking for a very good SEO person that we can depend on for long term. Initially, our goal is to push down a negative site by pushing our content up on SERPs. Ultimately, we want to dominate (like everyone else haha) our kw phrases.

This negative site has told many unfounded, baseless outright lies about us. When we tried to show him that he is very wrong, he said that he would remove the article… if we pay him. So obviously, we are not dealing with a very ethical person. Every time investors and celebrities Google our project, they are scared off by this defamatory website. The negative site is hurting our potential investor interest, so we want to push that site out of view as quickly as possible by filling the front page with all positive links.

Please let us know:
1. How will you accomplish pushing the bad site to at least the second page?
2. How quickly can this be accomplished?
3. If this can be done without getting in trouble with the search engines. We don’t want to be delisted or penalized. Tell us what you will do to ensure the quality of your work, backlinks, etc.
4. Please give us a detailed idea of pricing… we don’t want any surprises, so please disclose everything.

To help you with your answer, see attached. The one with the smaller numbers is ours. The negative site is the screen cap with the bigger numbers.

If you are able to achieve results quickly, we are looking for someone who can help us with our SEO and traffic needs full time. Please respond quickly… time is of the essence. However, this is a special project, so we need someone who will work with us personally, not just farm us out to others or use some bot. If you want us to discuss this further with you, we humbly request that you add the word ‘pickle” somewhere within your reply, so that we know you actually read this.

Please include your CV with past work experience.

Submission Form:


Note: Please be aware that anyone who is paid for work, even as an independent contractor, can NOT participate in the Avazoo Billion Dollar Raffle, nor can any of your direct bloodline relatives, spouse or civil partner.

To apply for this job email your details to deanna.avazoo2021@gmail.com

To apply for this job email your details to deanna.avazoo2021@gmail.com

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