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The mobile app says “There is no featured post in your location”. Why?

When you download the App for the first time, you are required to watch the tutorial slides, then you are required to make your first banner post and after this the remaining banners open for you to click on daily. However, unfortunately some individuals are not reading the tutorial slides before closing and completing their first posting. It truly is a simple mistake as people are excited to look around inside the App.

So to fix the problem we have now made it where after completing the tutorial it only gives you the option to make your first post. This has already been fixed and submitted to Apple and the Play Store and waiting for approval before the update will go live. We anticipate this will happen the first part of the week and then everybody will be able to see the banners as they sign up in the future.

We will notify everyone once the update goes live to log out and log back in. This will allow you to see the Welcome Banner and complete your registration requirements. Please share this with all of your “Winning Line”, family and friends.

Now that you are aware of this, would you please share this with any other CRC members commenting on this issue by copying and pasting this message to their comment.”

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