1st Raffle Event

The Avazoo 1st EVER Worldwide Billion Dollar Raffle Drawing Event!

The BIG event has been a long time coming and is expected to be held in June 2023. At the event you will have the opportunity to mingle with Celebrities, talk with the press, and you may even be one of the BIG WINNERS!

If your attendance is complimentary due to a promotional program or gift, you are welcome to bring a guest with you to the event but be aware that their expenses are not included with your ticket. We have had some feedback that some individuals may be uncomfortable traveling solo and do not want to be alone at the event, so we compiled this list for you to see other Avazoo members who may be attending also. You might already know someone on the list or may want to reach out to others in your area to find someone you can travel with and even possibly share a room, if you would feel more comfortable. You may just want to make a few new friends to meet up with once you arrive. Our main concern is for everyone to have a great time!

Avazoo Members Attending the 1st Avazoo Worldwide Billion Dollar Raffle Main Drawing Event

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